Exploring the Symbolism and Cultural Importance of Dunhuang Lotus Motifs


  • Yanmei Ruan




Dunhuang, Lotus flower, Pattern, Symbolism.


As one of the important symbols in Chinese traditional culture, the Dunhuang lotus pattern has profound symbolic meaning and cultural importance. This paper reveals its unique position in Chinese culture through an in-depth study of the origin, evolution and application of the Dunhuang lotus pattern. Firstly, the lotus flower, as a holy symbol in oriental culture, represents the beauty of purity, nobility and untaintedness. Secondly, the extensive use of lotus motifs in Chinese painting and craftsmanship reflects not only the Chinese people's reverence for the lotus flower, but also their awe of nature and the universe. Finally, as an important element in Chinese traditional culture, Dunhuang lotus pattern not only enriches the connotation of Chinese art, but also carries the good wishes and spiritual hopes of the Chinese people.


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14 September 2023




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