Analyzing the Research Progress of Campsites in China and Internationally: A CiteSpace-Based Approach


  • Jinyan Li



Campground; Camping tourism; CiteSpace; Knowledge graph.


This study leverages CiteSpace to create a keyword co-occurrence network for camping site research, aiming to outline the current state and development trends in this field, both globally and in China. The analysis highlights that international research focuses on camper behaviors, experiences, and the ecological and managerial aspects of camping sites. In contrast, Chinese research centers on industry status, market positioning, and development strategies, with a greater emphasis on specific site planning and management. The study reveals a notable gap between Chinese and international research in terms of breadth and depth. Chinese studies are predominantly qualitative and lack a focus on ecological and humanistic considerations, leading to limited generalizability of findings. This comparison underscores the need for a more integrated and quantitative approach in Chinese camping site research, aligning with global standards and incorporating a stronger emphasis on ecological preservation and humanistic values.


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1 February 2024




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