Student Development Activities in Chinese Higher Education Institutions: From Assessment to An Enhancement Program


  • Zhu Chen
  • Carmina G. Joson



Student development activities, Chinese higher education institutions, School’s Philosophy, School’s Vision, School’s Mission, School’s Core Values.


This study takes Chinese higher education institutions as an example to investigate students to investigate the student development activities from assessment to strengthening plan, and to explore the influencing factors and current situation of student development activities in Chinese higher education institutions. In addition, on the basis of investigation and analysis, the development plan to enhance students' multifaceted ability.By means of questionnaire analysis and interview, this paper collects, collates and analyzes the relevant data of student development activities in Chinese higher education institutions through a questionnaire survey of 100 teachers and 200 students. This enables local researchers to better understand students' needs and challenges, thereby providing strong support for improving students' developmental experiences and learning outcomes. At the same time, the data analysis results can provide an important basis for formulating targeted strengthening plans and improvement strategies, so as to promote the sustainable development of student development activities in China's higher education institutions.


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1 February 2024




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Chen, Z., & Carmina G. Joson. (2024). Student Development Activities in Chinese Higher Education Institutions: From Assessment to An Enhancement Program. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 12(2), 99-101.

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