Interpreting the Multiple Narrative Perspectives in Three of Us from the Stream of Consciousness


  • Lihua Mo
  • Jingjing Wu



Three of Us; Narrative Perspectives; Stream of Consciousness; Free Association; Space-time Jump.


 Three of 'us is Yang Jiang' s review of the happy life about her two family members and herself in the past, so as to express her love to them. The narration of the book is plain and simple, the tone is moderate, and the narrative angle is diverse. The author mainly promotes the development of narrative plot through her free association and the transformation of dream, so as to make the narrative structure more compact. The adoption of the stream of consciousness technique contributes to the transformation of multiple narrative perspectives, and the two complement each other. The successful transformation of the narrative perspective also shows the effect of the stream of consciousness technique in the article.


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1 February 2024




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