Research on the Cultivation Strategy of Children's Life Routine in Kindergarten Life Activities

Take M Kindergarten in Kunming as an example


  • Xiaoyuan Chi



Small class children; Kindergarten life activities; Routine of life; Cultivation strategy.


 Kindergarten life activities are a part of daily life in kindergarten, and the routine training of kindergarten life is to conduct scientific and reasonable norms for children's various habits and form good behavioral habits in each stage of daily life. Through literature, observation and other methods, combined with the actual situation of kindergartens, this paper discusses the routine training of small class life in Kunming M Kindergarten, analyzes the existing problems and causes of the problems, and explores reasonable and effective strategies.


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1 February 2024




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Chi, X. (2024). Research on the Cultivation Strategy of Children’s Life Routine in Kindergarten Life Activities: Take M Kindergarten in Kunming as an example. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 12(2), 225-228.

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