Mindful Movement Matters: Mindfulness Integration Strategies and Student Stress Intervening Variables in Physical Education


  • Hongshen Si




Breathing awareness, Mindful movement, Sensory awareness, Gratitude practice, And self-compassion practice rationality, Financial status, Peer groups, and conviction.


This study employs a descriptive comparative correlational approach with 260 PE students. It explores the realm of techniques for integrating mindfulness and their impact on variables related to stress intervention within the domain of Physical Education (PE). Students’ perspectives on Breathing Awareness, Mindful Movement, Sensory Awareness, Gratitude Practice, and Self-Compassion Practice were evaluated. The results reveal that they had a moderate level of engagement with these strategies. Furthermore, the study examined possible discrepancies in the evaluation of mindfulness integration techniques based on gender and academic discipline. Remarkably, there were no notable disparities observed, indicating a uniform use of mindfulness practices across all demographic groups. Also, the research assessed student participants in relation to stress-related factors, including Rationality, Financial Status, Peer Groups, and Conviction. The factors were rated as being "Moderately Practiced". In a manner akin to the incorporation of mindfulness practices, the evaluation of stress-related variables shown no substantial variations when students were categorized based on their profiles. The correlation matrix of the research yielded a significant result: Breathing Awareness had a modest positive connection with Rationality (r = 0.14; p = 0.025). Nevertheless, the analysis did not reveal any noteworthy associations between Breathing Awareness and other stress-related variables, suggesting that these factors may not exhibit a statistically meaningful correlation.


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1 February 2024




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Si, H. (2024). Mindful Movement Matters: Mindfulness Integration Strategies and Student Stress Intervening Variables in Physical Education. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 12(2), 233-242. https://doi.org/10.54097/akhmae81

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