Research on Translation Path of Chinese Legal Texts


  • Pengbin Zhang
  • Guifang Wang



Chinese legal texts, Translation studies, Equivalence, Cultural adaptation.


 This paper aims to explore the translation path of Chinese legal texts from the perspective of translation studies, taking into account the cultural, linguistic, and legal contexts. The study begins by introducing the concept of Chinese legal texts and their unique characteristics. It then examines the theoretical underpinnings of translation studies, with a focus on the concept of equivalence and the different translation methods. The paper then analyzes the challenges and strategies involved in translating Chinese legal texts into English, considering factors such as cultural differences, legal terminology, and narrative style. Finally, the paper proposes a translation path for Chinese legal texts that incorporates both fidelity and creativity. This path involves a series of steps, including text analysis, cultural adaptation, legal research, and linguistic refinement. The study concludes by highlighting the significance of the proposed translation path for promoting cross-cultural understanding and legal communication.


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1 February 2024




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Zhang, P., & Wang, G. (2024). Research on Translation Path of Chinese Legal Texts. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 12(2), 259-263.

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