A Review on Social Interaction Effects of Farmers’ Water-saving Production Behavior in Grain


  • Hongwei Chen




Grain; Water-saving production; Social interaction; Farmers; Review.


This paper systematically combs through the relevant literature on the social interaction effects of water-saving production behavior of grain farmers, and puts forward the shortcomings. The existing related literature mainly includes research on social interaction and its evaluation system, research on the driving factors of water-saving production, research on the effects of water-saving production, and research on the enhancement path of water-saving production. The shortcomings of the existing studies mainly include the insufficient research on the influence of social interaction of water-saving production behavior of grain, the social interaction path of the spillover effects of water-saving production of grain has to be tested, and the research on the incentive mechanism of water-saving production of grain has to be improved.


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1 February 2024




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