The Long Season: Northeastern Memory in Transmedia Narrative Practice


  • Yunshu Zhang



Transmedia narratives; The long season; Film and television practice; Northeast Renaissance.


The Long Season, a film and television production that resonates with many audiences who are passionate about Northeastern culture as well as nostalgic for memories of their homeland, comes from the adaptation of the novel Winter's Edge. The success of this cross-media narrative practice comes from the full interpretation of the text and the high evaluation of the audience. Even though cross-media narrative itself has many risks of being adapted or even misunderstood, it is undoubtedly a move worth supporting from the perspective of the multifaceted nature of cultural presentation and the gradually increasing dissemination power of cultural products. Relying on the text space, the remembered and imagined Northeast is relatively well expressed in the process of film and television practice, which in turn promotes the renaissance of Northeast literature. Through the precipitation of history and the narration of words, The Long Season attempts to tell a cosy tale of suspense to the public with a more intimate tone across the medium. Behind such a story is the film and television practice of the Northeast Renaissance - the story of China continues to be told, about the Northeast, about the pulse of the times, and about every lovely individual stirring in his or her destiny.


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1 February 2024




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