Analysis on Legal Issues of Digital Property Inheritance Under The Background of Digital Survival Era


  • Liyan Sun



Digitization; Digital property; Inheritance.


With the rapid development of Internet technology, the continuous popularization of information technology and digital technology, people's lives are also moving towards digitalization. One of the impacts it brings is the emergence of digital property and the rising proportion of digital property in personal property. Digital property has broken through the traditional concept of property. Although the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China clearly includes it in the scope of legal protection, there are still a lot of gaps in the legal definition of digital property. With the growth of Internet users, the inheritance and ownership of digital property will inevitably be involved in the near future. This article first elaborates on the definition, types, characteristics, functions, and necessity of inheritance of digital property; At the same time, based on the reality, it analyzes the problems existing in the inheritance of digital property. Finally, corresponding improvement suggestions are proposed to address the issues, in order to provide a positive role for the improvement of the digital property inheritance system.


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14 March 2024




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