The Impact and Application of Big Data in Enterprise Human Resource Management


  • Limin Han



Big Data; Artificial Intelligence; Enterprise Human Resource Management; Impact; Integration and Innovation.


 This paper focuses on the impact and application of big data technology in enterprise human resource management. With the development of information technology, big data has become an indispensable and important resource in enterprise management. In the field of human resource management, the introduction of big data technology provides enterprises with more accurate and efficient human resource management methods. This paper first introduces the basic concepts and characteristics of big data technology, and then analyzes the impact and application of big data on various aspects of enterprise human resource management, including recruitment, training, performance management and employee benefits. Finally, this paper summarizes the roles and challenges of big data in enterprise human resource management and proposes the future development direction.


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14 March 2024




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Han, L. (2024). The Impact and Application of Big Data in Enterprise Human Resource Management. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 13(1), 60-62.

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