Research on the Development Status of Higher Vocational Education in China


  • Mingxia Chen



Higher vocational education; Development status; Challenges; countermeasures and suggestions; Talent cultivation mode.


 With the rapid development of China's economy and the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, higher vocational education plays an important role in cultivating high-quality skilled personnel. This paper analyses the current situation of the development of higher vocational education in China, discusses the challenges it faces, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions. The study finds that the number and scale of schools in China's higher vocational education have been expanding, and the setting of disciplines and specialisations has been gradually diversified, but there are still certain problems in the construction of teaching staff and the guarantee of teaching quality. Meanwhile, the mismatch between higher vocational education and industrial demand, and the unbalanced distribution of educational resources are also challenges to the current development. In response to these problems, this paper puts forward countermeasures and suggestions such as diversified talent cultivation modes, balanced allocation of educational resources, strengthening industry-university-research-use cooperation, reinforcing the construction of faculty, as well as promoting the optimisation and updating of disciplines and specialties. These measures will help to improve the quality and level of China's higher vocational education and meet the demand for talents in social and economic development.


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3 April 2024




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