Study on the Correctional Treatment of Juvenile Delinquency and Social Work Intervention Mechanisms in China


  • Sisi Zhang
  • Yifei Wu
  • Yang Cheng



Correction of juvenile delinquency; social work; pathways.


 Based on specific analyses of cases of juvenile delinquency, it is found that the reasons why minors commit criminal acts are to a large extent related to their own special psychology, and that correcting minors for their special psychology and guiding them towards a healthier, more positive direction is of significant value to the effective education of juvenile delinquents. At the present stage of analysis, crime correction is no longer the exclusive responsibility of judicial personnel, but social workers and volunteers can also actively join in, and their participation will make the actual effect of juvenile crime correction significantly better. The article analyses the corrective treatment of juvenile delinquency and the involvement of social work, with the aim of better preventing juvenile delinquency in the future and enabling them to embark on the right path in life.


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3 April 2024




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Zhang, S., Wu, Y., & Cheng, Y. (2024). Study on the Correctional Treatment of Juvenile Delinquency and Social Work Intervention Mechanisms in China. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 13(2), 138-140.

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