Discussion on Primary School Work Skill Education from The Perspective of Moral Education


  • Taiming Chen




Integration mode; Moral education work skills; Vocational skills in primary schools.


This study discusses the integration of moral education and vocational skills education in primary schools. The main focus is to deeply understand the importance of cultivating not only academic ability, but also children's moral quality and vocational skills at this critical stage of development. The research adopts literature review, questionnaire and interview to introduce the concept and goal of primary school students' vocational skills education. Based on previous studies, this paper discusses the challenges, best practices and limitations of combining moral education with vocational skills education. The ultimate goal is to provide suggestions for optimizing vocational skills education in primary schools from the perspective of moral education.


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3 April 2024




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Chen, T. (2024). Discussion on Primary School Work Skill Education from The Perspective of Moral Education. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 13(2), 146-148. https://doi.org/10.54097/zjm4m994

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