Research on the Teaching Reform of "Fund Investment Practice" under the Integration of "Post Course and Competition Certificate


  • Ziyue Cai


Higher education, Post-course evidence, Securities investment funds


In April 2021, the National Vocational Education Conference, Sun Chunlan clearly said that it must "strictly follow the establishment of moral education, improve the type of positioning, and accelerate the creation of a modern vocational education system. Adhere to the comprehensive education model of 'post-course competition certificate', improve the efficiency and quality of education, enhance the smoothness and flexibility of career development channels, deal with problems efficiently, and strengthen the attractiveness and recognition of vocational education for the audience". As the core course of wealth management in Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College, as one of the three major directions of future employment for wealth management students, and as one of the means for mass investors to unlock their wealth freedom, how to conduct the course of Securities Investment Funds well, enhance students' interest in learning, improve the practical skills of students in higher education institutions, and meet enterprises' demand for talents in fund management is an urgent issue to be dealt with at present. The article focuses on the overall design of the Securities Investment Fund course as a carrier, deeply analyzes the problems of the teaching of Securities Investment Fund, and proposes the integration of the "post-course, race and certificate" education mechanism, so as to break the traditional teaching mode, reduce the negative impact caused by it, and reconstruct the curriculum system from multiple perspectives, such as the integration of the course and certificate and job requirements. The curriculum system is reconstructed from various perspectives, such as the integration of courses and certificates and job requirements, in order to improve the vocational ability of wealth students in a comprehensive manner.


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17 January 2023

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