Exploration on the Influence of Music Aesthetic Education on Students' Quality-Oriented Education in Colleges and Universities


  • Hongmin Gong




Colleges and universities, Music aesthetic education, Quality-oriented education.


As the means and ways to cultivate students with well-rounded development of "virtue, intelligence, physical conditions, mind status and community service", aesthetic education is of great significance and practical value to the quality education and aesthetic cultivation of contemporary students. At the same time, music, as the most important part of aesthetic education, has an irreplaceable role in the art edification and literary connotation cultivation. Therefore, to cultivate students' artistic quality and improve students' music literacy, aesthetic education has an irreplaceable role and significance. The paper will explore and study the two aspects of "music appreciation" and "vocal performance" through the analysis of music aesthetic education courses in colleges and universities.


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17 May 2023

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