Study of the Translation of Stephen Owen's Tang Poems


  • Zhenxiu Qin



Overseas sinologists, Translation, Stephen Owen.


Tang poetry is not only a historical sparkle and a literary treasure of China, but also an important part of world literature. In recent years, many scholars have begun to translate Tang poetry in an attempt to convey the charm and beauty of Tang poetry to the world. The charm of Tang poetry has crossed national boundaries and become international. In the process of enhancing the impact of the culture of Tang poetry throughout the world, translation is inevitable. In the practice of translating Chinese poets into foreign languages, not only Chinese scholars but also overseas sinologists have been involved. One of these overseas sinologists, Stephen Owen, who is a great fan of Chinese Tang poetry, has made a significant contribution to the translation of Tang poetry through his love and dedication to the cause of translation. This paper will analyse Stephen Owen's book-- Traditional Chinese Poetry and Poetics : Symbols of the World to analyse his understanding of Chinese poetry. Then the paper will also examine examples of Stephen Owen's translations of Tang poetry. By analysing his understanding of Chinese poetry, as well as his translation practice, a study of Stephen Owen's translation of Tang poetry will be realized.


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17 May 2023




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