The Construction for Double Qualification Teacher Team Based on Cooperation Education Between Schools and Enterprises


  • Juan Li
  • Pan Jiang
  • Yan Gao
  • Zhihui Li
  • Shixiao Wu
  • Zhiying Xu



Cooperation between schools and enterprises, Practical skills, Double qualification teacher.


The training of double qualification teacher is the primary training target of computer science in private colleges. This paper starts from the training of double qualification teacher, and constructs the training mode of double qualification teacher based on cooperation between schools and enterprises, which developed double qualification teacher that not only with a solid theoretical knowledge but also practical skills.


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17 May 2023




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Li, J., Jiang, P., Gao, Y., Li, Z., Wu, S., & Xu, Z. (2023). The Construction for Double Qualification Teacher Team Based on Cooperation Education Between Schools and Enterprises. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 8(3), 50-52.

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