A Strategic Study on the Effective Communication of Zhaoming Academy Culture from the Perspective of Cultural and Tourism Integration

Centering on Stele Materials


  • Yiting Zhang




Integration of culture and tourism, Cultural dissemination, Zhaoming Academy, Stele Culture.


As China's cultural and tourism industry enters a critical historical period of comprehensive improvement, the role of cultural and tourism in cultural dissemination and integration has attracted social attention. In the context of the continuous deepening of cultural and tourism integration, accelerating the orderly dissemination of culture and promoting the leapfrog development of the cultural and tourism industry is of great significance for enhancing the influence of traditional Chinese culture. Academies are an important base for contemporary people to experience traditional culture and a space for inheriting the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Spreading the culture of academies helps to make them an effective space for civilization preservation, cultural innovation, and cultural value dissemination in the new era, enriching people's thinking and culture, inspiring people to think, and achieving spiritual enlightenment. The article takes the integration of culture and tourism as the starting point, taking the iconic representative of Wuzhen culture - Zhaoming Academy as an example, to clarify the historical development and cultural connotations of Zhaoming Academy's inscriptions, explain the era value and advantages of the dissemination of academy's inscriptions, and propose strategies for the effective dissemination of Zhaoming Academy's culture from the perspective of cultural and tourism integration.


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17 May 2023

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