Research on the Relieving Effect of ASMR Chewing Sounds on Anxiety in Food Video


  • Jinge Zhou



Short video of food, ASMR, Anxiety.


 Short food videos combine elements such as lens, ingredients and soundtrack, so that people can be immersive when watching short videos. The creation and watching of short food videos meet people's spiritual needs of learning, entertainment and social interaction. Nowadays, great changes have taken place in the social environment, and people are faced with thousands of fragmented information every day. Due to the infectious and creative characteristics of short food videos, they can quickly attract the attention of the public in a fragmented information environment. Autonomous sensor meridian response (ASMR) mukbang, as a form of mukbang, has also continuously expanded its fan circle and become a popular form of mukbang. The uniqueness of ASMR phenomenon is mainly reflected in two aspects: in the sense, individuals will have a specific tingling sensation; Emotionally, it is often accompanied by extremely pleasant and relaxing experiences. This article expounds the development characteristics of short food videos in the new media environment, and studies the relieving effect of ASMR chewing sound on anxiety in food videos.


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17 May 2023

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