Design of Dual Motor Driven Agricultural Chassis and Ridge Following Control System


  • Meng Yan



Currently, in the field of transplanting and sowing, the chassis is required to have basic characteristics such as compact structure, small overall weight, good field passing ability, and adaptability. However, there is still no universal chassis available in the market for walking with ridges. Therefore, designing a universal chassis with electric drive, remote operation/automatic ridge following automatic switching can meet the actual working needs of the above-mentioned machines. The electric drive chassis control system includes: Zed2 camera, PLC main control unit, brushless DC motor, brushless DC motor driver, wireless remote control system, optocoupler isolation module, voltage conversion module, etc. During manual control, the eight way remote control controller receives control signals from the remote control and manipulates the PLC for forward, backward, turning, and speed adjustment; During automatic control, the deviation distance between the ridge navigation line and the chassis obtained by the Zed2 camera is used to control the PLC for forward and reverse movement to follow the ridge.


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17 May 2023

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