Research on the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education in Secondary Vocational Colleges in The New Era


  • Yun Chen



The new era, Vocational education, Ideological and political education.


In the vocational education of socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is necessary to cultivate high quality technical and skilled talents and implement the fundamental task of "cultivating virtues and cultivating people". Education as the foundation, moral first, ideological and political education into the implementation of vocational education, ideological and political education to achieve the full, full, all-round role of education. Secondary vocational education plays a fundamental role in vocational education and has great influence on the continuous education of vocational education. However, in vocational schools, the development of ideological and political education theory course has some problems, such as teachers, students, parents' understanding of vocational education deviation, students' bad behavior habits and lack of practical activities. It is necessary to create a good social and school atmosphere, change people's inappropriate understanding of vocational education, teachers of various subjects cooperate with each other, set teaching objectives based on professional characteristics, To set up or perfect the second class of ideological and political education to improve the effectiveness of ideological and political education in secondary vocational education.


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17 May 2023

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