Construction of Ideological and Political Cases for the Course "Compiling Technology"


  • Yan Yue



Compiling Technology, Ideological and Political Education, Teaching Reform.


This article aims at the current situation of college students' value shaping and emotional psychology that have not yet taken shape. By constructing ideological and political case construction ideas, ideological and political elements such as philosophy, ethics and regulations, and a sense of social responsibility are integrated into the teaching process of compilation technology. In the teaching process, dogmatic preaching should be avoided, and the basic teaching method of ideological and political education should be from perceptual to rational, from concrete to abstract, and from special to general. Ideological and political education should be integrated into the teaching of professional skills and knowledge. Taking a class teaching design as an example, this article introduces how to organically combine ideological and political education with professional knowledge.


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22 May 2023

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