Research on the Network Consumption Behavior of College Freshmen and its Correction Strategies


  • Yuan Lu



College freshmen, Network consumption, Consumption behavior, Correction strategy.


With the continuous development of the information age, network consumption has become an important part of everyone's life. Freshmen who just enter universities have great enthusiasm for network consumption, and show different characteristics of network consumption and consumption behaviors. However, due to the immature concept of network consumption of college freshmen, home-school education is not timely and social norms are not perfect and other reasons, resulting in the misunderstanding of new network consumption. In this context, it is very necessary and urgent to correct the misunderstanding of the consumption behavior of college freshmen. It is necessary to play a positive role in imparting knowledge, guiding public opinion and establishing correct values, so as to correct and regulate the network consumption behavior of college freshmen.


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22 May 2023

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