Research on the Training Mode of "Dual-track Parallel and Fixed Post Training"


  • Yuanqing Yu
  • Yan Wang
  • Qifeng Zhou
  • Yaoyang Wei




"Dual-track parallel, fixed post training" rural primary school teacher training mode is to take normal colleges and rural primary schools as the main body of dual-track education, through regular tripartite meetings, improve the rural teacher enrollment, employment system and other education mechanism, to complete the teaching and education work. Through the supply and demand analysis of the current situation of rural primary school education, the disadvantages of the existing training mode are clarified. This paper will combine the general education mode of local colleges and universities, and continuously improve the construction of teachers and improve the quality of rural education from the aspects of constructing multi-party collaborative training program, optimizing the teaching system of general teachers in rural primary schools, and establishing a scientific and effective assessment and evaluation system.


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22 May 2023




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Yu, Y., Wang, Y., Zhou, Q., & Wei, Y. (2023). Research on the Training Mode of "Dual-track Parallel and Fixed Post Training". International Journal of Education and Humanities, 8(3), 174-179.