Construction of Application-oriented Practical Teaching System in Private Undergraduate Colleges Based on OBE Concept


  • Hanzhi Zhang



Outcome Based Education, Practical teaching system, Application type, Private undergraduate university.


In the face of the new situation of transformation and development, there is a certain gap between the teaching of private undergraduate colleges and local economic development, and the requirements of the society on the practical ability, innovation and entrepreneurship of high-quality applied talents. The practical teaching system is not scientific, rich and practical. There are also many problems in the process of development. As an application-oriented undergraduate college, private colleges should make use of external social resources and conditions to make up for the disadvantages of practical teaching, and strengthen the construction of teaching teachers according to the requirements of professional practice, so as to establish the advantages and characteristics of professional disciplines in colleges and universities, improve the quality of education, and build a set of distinctive innovative practical teaching system. Under the concept of OBE, this paper puts forward the concrete methods and measures for the construction of practical teaching system from the aspects of practical teaching objective, space, mode, connotation, individuation and evaluation.


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24 May 2023




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Zhang, H. (2023). Construction of Application-oriented Practical Teaching System in Private Undergraduate Colleges Based on OBE Concept. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 8(3), 213-219.

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