Teaching Practice Exploration based on Digital Twin Technology

Taking Industrial Robot Integrated Application Technology Course as An Example


  • Qinghui Zhou
  • Mengru Jia
  • Zhenghua Shen
  • Tao Sun




Digital twin technology, Twin training platforms, Mixed online and offline teaching.


This paper studies the application of digital twin technology in practical courses, aiming at the pain points that the teaching of industrial robot application practical courses relies heavily on the number of practical training sites and equipment, and it is difficult to match the actual production. This paper focuses on the online digital simulation of key equipment, production products, processing technology and typical production lines in the application scenarios such as school training site and factory workshop through the twin technology, so as to build the digital twin training platform, restore the typical work tasks of enterprises, support the practice of online or online offline mixed digital teaching, and deepen the collaborative education between schools and enterprises.


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24 May 2023

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Zhou, Q., Jia, M., Shen, Z., & Sun, T. (2023). Teaching Practice Exploration based on Digital Twin Technology: Taking Industrial Robot Integrated Application Technology Course as An Example. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 8(3), 230–234. https://doi.org/10.54097/ijeh.v8i3.8732