Media Campaign Proposal for Zhu Yi: Crisis Repair and Image Reconstruction in the Chinese Sports Landscape


  • Lanfu Liu
  • Jingjie Wang



Crisis repair, image reconstruction, Media campaign, Chinese sports industry, Winter sports, Authenticity, emotional connection, Chinese identity, Media platforms.


This media campaign proposal outlines a comprehensive strategy for crisis repair and image reconstruction for Zhu Yi, a figure skater who faced backlash after a disappointing performance at the 2022 Winter Olympics. The proposal aims to leverage Zhu's Chinese identity and capitalize on the surging interest in sports in China to rebuild her image and establish her as a successful athlete. By aligning Zhu with the government-supported initiatives to develop and commercialize the sports industry, the campaign seeks to tap into the growing audience for winter sports in China. The proposal emphasizes the importance of authenticity and individual sovereignty in shaping Zhu's media image, focusing on her personal achievements and story of resilience. It recommends coordinated efforts with domestic media outlets, independent streaming platforms, and social media channels to engage both existing and new fans, creating an emotional connection between Zhu and her audience. The crisis analysis highlights the rapid response by authorities and the appearance of support for Zhu, indicating the potential for successful crisis repair. The proposal addresses the challenges of Zhu's perceived privileged background, linguistic proficiency, and authenticity, suggesting strategies to make her relatable and appealing to a wider Chinese audience.


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24 May 2023

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