Study of Amy’s Female Consciousness in Alcott’s Little Women


  • Lu Yang
  • Jingdong Zhong



Alcott, Little Women, Female consciousness.


 Little Women is a semi-autobiographical novel written by American woman writer Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888). Characters and stories in books are mostly based on real people and events. It shows us the awakening of female consciousness in the Victorian age and the growing process of four sisters in an ordinary American family in the 19th century with different love, ideal and destination. This paper will study and analyze the role of Amy from the perspective of female consciousness. The first part introduces the writing background and main content of Little Women. The second part describes the literature review of Little Women at home and abroad, and briefly introduces the breakthrough point and results of the current research on little women. The third part studies Amy's female consciousness from the perspectives of marriage, career and family, and analyzes it through language and behavior. The fourth part is the conclusion, which briefly summarizes the embodiment of Amy's female consciousness awakening and the imperfection influenced by what factors, lists the reasons for the existence of this phenomenon and its reference and progressive significance for the development of feminism in the future.


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24 May 2023

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