Design of Heliostat Field Based on Genetic Optimization Algorithm


  • Yunfei Zhang
  • Zhengzhi Kuang
  • Haoran Liu



Tower solar, Photovoltaic power generation, Ray tracing method, Genetic algorithm


This paper mainly focuses on the in-depth study of the application of tower solar photovoltaic power generation technology in low carbon and environmental protection. The optimal design of the heliostat mirror field is carried out by using the ray tracing method and the genetic optimization algorithm. Firstly, the coordinate transformation of the reflective points of the heliostat mirror was realized by establishing the light cone coordinate system, mirror coordinate system and ground coordinate system, and the related annual average optical efficiency and thermal power were calculated; secondly, under the satisfaction of several constraints, the genetic algorithm was applied to optimize the parameters of the heliostat mirror field in order to maximize the annual average output thermal power per unit of mirror area. Finally, a comparison with the existing mainstream schemes proves the effectiveness and rationality of the model.


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Zhang, Y., Kuang, Z., & Liu, H. (2023). Design of Heliostat Field Based on Genetic Optimization Algorithm. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 11(2), 39-44.

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