Research on AIS Signal Frequency Statistics based on SpringBoot+Vue


  • Xuejun You
  • Yingying Chen
  • Taizhi Lv



AIS (automatic identification system), Flink, Spring Boot, Vue, AutoNavi Map, Signal frequency analysis


With the rapid development of global industry, AIS (automatic identification system) has become an important tool for ship management and safety monitoring. In order to better display the frequency distribution of AIS signals, this paper graphically displays the data in the AIS signals, allowing users to fully understand the data in the AIS signals, including ship type distribution, speed range, and signal frequencies in different areas. It uses Kafka and Flink technology to receive, clean and analyze the sent data, and finally stores it in MySQL and Redis data. It reads the data through Spring Boot + MyBatis, and uses Vue + Echarts chart tool and AutoNavi Map API for display and analysis. To gain an in-depth understanding of its importance and application prospects in the field of epidemics.


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You, X., Chen, Y., & Lv, T. (2023). Research on AIS Signal Frequency Statistics based on SpringBoot+Vue. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 11(3), 22-25.

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