Enhanced few-shot learning for plant leaf diseases recognition


  • Wei Wu




Plant leaf diseases recognition, Few-shot learning, Self-supervised learning, Semi-supervised learning


With the breakthrough progress of deep learning technology in multiple fields, its application in specialized areas such as plant leaf disease recognition is constrained by the cost of data annotation and the lack of sample diversity. This study proposes an enhanced few-shot learning method that integrates self-supervised learning and semi-supervised learning to improve the model's generalization ability in plant leaf disease recognition tasks. Through self-supervised pre-training and semi-supervised fine-tuning, the model can effectively utilize limited annotated data and expand the training set by generating high-quality pseudo-labels. Experimental results show that this method significantly improves the model's recognition performance on unseen categories. Future research will explore more self-supervised tasks and complex pseudo-label generation algorithms to further enhance the model's accuracy and robustness, promoting the application of few-shot learning technology in the field of agriculture.


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Wu, W. (2023). Enhanced few-shot learning for plant leaf diseases recognition. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 11(3), 26-28. https://doi.org/10.54097/jceim.v11i3.06

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