Optimal Design of Heliostat Field Power Based on Whale Optimization Algorithm and Gravitational Search Algorithm


  • Xinting Duan
  • Jincheng Li




Optical Efficiency, Optimal Fixed-sun Mirror Field, Whale Optimization Algorithm, Gravitational Search Algorithm


With the deterioration of global climate and the worsening of energy crisis, the construction of a new power system mainly based on new energy is an important measure for China to realize the goal of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality". In order to maximize the power generation efficiency of the mirror field, the layout design of the heliostat is particularly important. In this paper, we constructed a model to calculate each optical efficiency loss component, cosine efficiency, atmospheric transmittance, and discretized the points on the heliostat, and calculated the shadow masking efficiency by coordinate transformation, and finally obtained the collector truncation efficiency. Next, the optimal design of the heliostat field in different cases is obtained using the whale optimization algorithm and the gravitational search algorithm.


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Duan, X., & Li, J. (2023). Optimal Design of Heliostat Field Power Based on Whale Optimization Algorithm and Gravitational Search Algorithm. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 11(3), 46-50. https://doi.org/10.54097/jceim.v11i3.11

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