Impact of 5G technology on digital transformation of Jingdong Smart Logistics


  • Zekai Kong



5G technology, Jingdong Smart Logistics, Digital transformation, Logistics network


With the rapid development of information technology, smart logistics plays a key role in digital transformation. Taking Jingdong as the research object, this paper focuses on the application of 5G technology in the field of smart logistics, and discusses in depth its impact on the digital transformation of Jingdong's smart logistics. On the basis of analysing the current situation of digital transformation of Jingdong's smart logistics, it focuses on the specific application of 5G technology in the logistics network, with a special focus on the promotion of 5G cloud leased lines to mobile warehousing. The detailed analysis of the financial comparison table reveals the positive impact of 5G technology on Jingdong's logistics business, as reflected in the significant increase in revenue and gross profit. Meanwhile, in-depth research on the practical application of 2.5G technology in Jingdong Intelligent Logistics provides valuable experience for the introduction of 5G technology.


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