Enhancing Preamplifier Design for Acoustic Emission Detection Instrument


  • Wenhao Hu
  • Long Chen
  • Xiang Shi
  • Qingyuan Huang




Acoustic Emission, Preamplifier, Power Supply Circuit


With the development of the industry, the safety of pressure vessels is crucial for both production and personnel safety. The application of acoustic emission testing technology as a dynamic non-destructive testing method in the detection of pressure vessels is becoming increasingly prevalent. This paper presents the design of a low-frequency acoustic emission preamplifier with a frequency range of 30KHz to 200KHz and a gain of 20dB. The preamplifier is composed of amplification circuits, power supply circuits, and filtering components. By utilizing the PXR04 series high-sensitivity resonant acoustic emission sensor and Texas Instruments' OPA333 operational amplifier, along with a clever power supply design, effective signal amplification and system stability are ensured. Experimental results validate the correctness of the design, providing a feasible and effective solution for enhancing the performance of acoustic emission testing equipment.


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Hu, W., Chen, L., Shi, X., & Huang, Q. (2024). Enhancing Preamplifier Design for Acoustic Emission Detection Instrument. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 12(2), 20-24. https://doi.org/10.54097/

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