A Research on Evaluation Index System of High Quality Housing


  • Mengran Cao
  • Danxiang Ma




High quality housing, Evaluation index system, Residence satisfaction


After decades of rapid development, China's real estate industry is transforming from large-scale to high-quality development. The outline of the national 14th Five-Year Plan and the introduction of macro-control policies such as "three red lines" and "centralized land supply" have formed a consensus on improving the quality of housing in a wider range, which all point to the same direction, that is, real estate should return to the property of people's livelihood and pay attention to people-oriented and high-quality development. Residents' housing concept has undergone a major change, putting forward higher requirements for residence satisfaction, and the demand for housing has also shifted from quantity to quality. High-quality housing has become an inevitable trend in the development of residential construction. According to the requirements of high-quality development of housing construction, this paper explores and studies the evaluation index system of high-quality housing from the perspective of residents' feelings to help improve the overall happiness index of residents.


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