Research on Development Status and Countermeasures of Electronic Information Engineering


  • Shuqing Lin



Electronic information engineering, Development status, Problems and challenges, Countermeasure research, Implementation and evaluation


With the rapid development of information technology, electronic information engineering is growing and developing as an important discipline and industry. This study analyses the current development status of electronic information engineering, discusses its application fields and prospects, and points out the problems and challenges in its development. Meanwhile, this thesis proposes a series of countermeasures, including policy support and guidance, talent training and introduction, technological innovation and R&D, and international cooperation and exchange, in order to promote the healthy development of electronic information engineering. Finally, this thesis evaluates the implementation and effect of countermeasures.


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Lin, S. (2024). Research on Development Status and Countermeasures of Electronic Information Engineering. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 12(3), 12-18.

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