Application of Big Data in Electrical Engineering


  • Yang Xiao



Big data, Electronic engineering, Data acquisition and processing, Model building and optimisation, Fault diagnosis and prediction, Intelligent decision making and control


Chinese With the continuous progress of science and technology and the rapid development of information technology, big data has become a hot topic in today's society. The application of big data has penetrated into various fields, among which electronic engineering is one of the important application fields. This thesis focuses on the application of big data in electronic engineering and analyses its specific applications in data acquisition and processing, model building and optimization, fault diagnosis and prediction, and intelligent decision-making and control. The study elaborates on the application of big data in electronic engineering. In terms of data acquisition and processing, the applications of sensor data acquisition and processing and signal processing and analysis are highlighted. In the area of model building and optimisation, the paper explores methods for model building and optimisation of electronic devices based on big data. In the area of fault diagnosis and prediction, the paper proposes a fault diagnosis and prediction method based on big data. Finally, in the area of intelligent decision-making and control, the paper discusses intelligent decision-making and control methods based on big data.


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