Design of the background of an e-commerce mall


  • Yunzheng Ding



Hibernate, Struts, Jsp, MySQL


Java technology is a platform independent programming language that has the characteristics of being written once and running anywhere, making it very suitable for distributed network programming. The backend management website of the online shopping system mainly implements the functions of the online shopping system through the application of Hibernate, Struts, Tomcat, Jsp, and MySQL databases. The backend of the entire online shopping system mainly consists of three modules, namely the product order management module, the website user management module, and the product classification management module. The product order management module includes four parts: adding new products, viewing and modifying products, managing product orders, and confirming orders; The main function of the management website user module is to provide an operation interface for user backend maintenance and management. Management personnel can perform user queries, deletions, and other operations; The main function of the product classification management module is to complete the processing operation of product categories.


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