Beyond the Campus: The Role of Social Media in Expanding Educational Horizons and Management Practices


  • Hedi Ye
  • Ruyang Li



Social media in education, Digital learning environments, Virtual communities


This paper examines the transformative role of social media in education, which extends beyond traditional classroom boundaries to enhance teaching, learning, and management practices in educational settings. With the digital era reshaping educational processes, social media platforms have emerged as critical tools in redefining learning environments and expanding access to educational resources globally. These platforms facilitate multifaceted communication and interaction among students and educators and enable the creation and management of virtual academic communities. This study highlights how social media transcends geographical constraints, fostering connectivity and community, which are essential elements in modern education. It explores the implications of social media in broadening educational horizons and innovating management practices within educational institutions.


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Ye, H., & Li, R. (2024). Beyond the Campus: The Role of Social Media in Expanding Educational Horizons and Management Practices. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 12(3), 47-51.

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