Study on the influence of coil radius on the detection performance of eddy current sensor


  • Cunlong Dong
  • Huiyu Xu
  • Huiping Lu
  • Yaofang Zhang



Eddy current sensor, Detection distance, The inside to outside diameter ratio, Section radius


Taking the 34th International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT) as the starting point, this paper explores the influence of coil parameters on the detection performance (mainly detection distance) of eddy current sensors. On the basis of understanding the working principle of the eddy current sensor, it is concluded that the best range of the inside to outside diameter ratio of the coil is 0<k≤0.7, and the best range of coil section radius is 0.05 mm≤r≤0.15 mm. The smaller the inside to outside diameter ratio of the coil, the larger the inductance value and the farther the detection distance. In addition, due to the simple instrument, convenient operation, small difficulty, and involving theory, simulation and experiment, this experiment provides a novel experimental method for college students' physical experiments, which is helpful to exercise students' hands-on and operational abilities.


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Dong, C., Xu, H., Lu, H., & Zhang, Y. (2024). Study on the influence of coil radius on the detection performance of eddy current sensor. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 12(3), 70-73.

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