Machine Learning for Risk Assessment in Financial Market Forecasting


  • Jiahao Cui
  • Yufei Tan
  • Yongfang Liu



Machine learning, Financial markets, Forecasting, Risk assessment, Financial modeling


This paper discusses the application of machine learning in financial market forecasting and its risk assessment. With the development of big data and computing technology, machine learning has become an important tool for financial market analysis. However, the complexity of the models and the uncertainty of the market pose the challenge of risk management. In this paper, we first overview the machine learning techniques and their applications in financial market prediction, and then construct a risk assessment framework, which demonstrates the performance and potential risks of the model in practical applications through case studies. Finally, a series of risk management strategies and recommendations are proposed, aiming to improve the robustness of the model and the accuracy of the prediction. The findings suggest that machine learning models can play an important role in financial market prediction through technological innovation, data quality management and effective risk control.


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Cui, J., Tan, Y., & Liu, Y. (2024). Machine Learning for Risk Assessment in Financial Market Forecasting. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 13(2), 57-60.

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