Numerical simulation of detonator impact initiation of hollow cylindrical charges


  • Guangsong Ma
  • Pengzhao Xu
  • Yu Zhao
  • Ruicheng Li



Numerical simulation, Detonator impact initiation, Hollow cylindrical charges


In order to determine whether the hollow cylindrical charge can be fully detonated when the detonator is eccentrically detonated, the HyperMesh-LS-DYNA joint simulation method was used to numerically simulate the hollow cylindrical charge through the ignition growth equation. The simulation results show that when the detonator is eccentrically detonated, except for the surface layer of the hollow cylindrical charge, all other parts are fully detonated. The research results indicate that detonators can fully detonate cylindrical charges under eccentric detonation conditions.


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Ma, G., Xu, P., Zhao, Y., & Li, R. (2024). Numerical simulation of detonator impact initiation of hollow cylindrical charges. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 13(2), 78-82.

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