Analysis of Satisfaction with Ecological Restoration and Human Settlement Environment based on Urban-Rural Integration


  • Siqi Liu
  • Jing Wang



Urban-rural integration, Ecological restoration, Human settle environment, Urban park


More and more people have been realizing the importance of ecological environment construction, which not only ensures people's health but also plays an important role in promoting the economy and society. County-level space is a current and long-term development focus in China, and improving the ecological environment to promote urban-rural integration and high-quality development is an effective way. Adhering to a people-centered approach and understanding the feelings and opinions of local residents can effectively guide urban and rural planning. This study investigated the residents of the Shichuan River Ecological Area in Fuping through field research and questionnaire interviews. The results indicate that the research area can attract tourists from the entire county and even other places. The initial promotion and publicity play an important role in project construction. The vast majority are satisfied with the current ecological environment construction, but there is still room for improvement in supporting facilities and supplementing urban functions.


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Liu, S., & Wang, J. (2024). Analysis of Satisfaction with Ecological Restoration and Human Settlement Environment based on Urban-Rural Integration. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 13(2), 83-86.

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