Classroom management system based on WeChat small program


  • Yuxuan Luo
  • Panhao Xu
  • Qinghai Dong
  • Zhenglei He



WeChat mini program, WeChat developer tools, Classroom Seating Resources


Due to the current expansion of college enrollment and the continuous improvement of students' self-study ability, the seats in libraries and study rooms become very scarce, which also makes the phenomenon of seat occupancy in libraries and study rooms more and more serious. Through these phenomena, we found the problem -- college seat resources are not enough or the utilization rate of resources is not high, due to the unreasonable use of resources, "more monks than fewer" phenomenon leads to the occurrence of seat occupancy contradictions. Therefore, to solve this problem, we use the classroom management system based on WeChat mini program to make it more convenient and fast for students and teachers to understand the use of seats in each classroom, check the use of seats in each classroom in advance before going out or the day before, and make location reservation according to the situation, so as to realize the efficient utilization of classroom seat resources in colleges and universities. In order to solve the university seat resources are not enough or resource utilization is not high problem


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Luo, Y., Xu, P., Dong, Q., & He, Z. (2023). Classroom management system based on WeChat small program. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 10(1), 1-3.

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