Design and implementation of moving object detection based on Zynq


  • Xianghong Xie



Zynq, Frame difference algorithm, Image processing, Moving object detection


In recent years, video image processing technology has made rapid progress. Some algorithms related to moving target detection and tracking, relying on the rich resources of computers, make the implementation of these algorithms based on the PC platform has been relatively mature, but there are problems such as poor real-time performance, high power consumption, resource consumption. The Zynq hardware platform has both FPGA, which is good at parallel operation, and ARM core, which is good at control, which can effectively implement the algorithm transplantation of moving target detection and effectively improve the above shortcomings. The system takes Zynq hardware platform as the core unit, which is composed of video image acquisition module, image processing module, information transmission module, DDR cache module and display module. The PL side of Zynq implements video image acquisition, gray conversion, frame difference algorithm, expansion corrosion algorithm. The PS terminal mainly completes the configuration of IIC camera and VDMA. The output module finally realizes the output of HDMI through protocol conversion. This system has wide application value in moving target detection.


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