Parking Management System Based on Image Processing Technology


  • Yaxin Xing
  • Yanbin Long



Image processing, Parking space, Management system


This project discloses a parking space management system based on image processing technology, which includes a parking space lock and a vehicle information matching system based on image recognition on the cloud. The parking space lock is set on the parking space, and the parking space lock includes a camera 6, a parking gear lever 1, a wireless data transmission module 2, a single chip computer 3, and a photoelectric switch sensor 7, The camera 6 scans the vehicle information in front of the parking lock and stores it as an image. The wireless data transmission module 2 is used to transmit the vehicle information image to the cloud-based vehicle information matching system based on image recognition. The single chip 3 can control the lifting of the parking gear lever 1, The vehicle information matching system based on image recognition in the cloud can convert the vehicle information image into license plate information based on the algorithm, and provide the corresponding control information after matching with the database to control the opening and closing of the parking space lock. This project has realized the convenient management of parking spaces, and solved the problem of low intelligence of traditional parking space locks.


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