A visual inspection system for detecting end gap and light leakage of the piston ring


  • Wenming Hu




Visual inspection system, End gap, Light leakage, Piston ring


A fully automatic visual inspection system for piston ring was proposed in this study. This system can automatically feed the piston ring, and then detect the end gap and the light leakage of the piston ring. Moreover, the piston ring can be classified after detection and the detection data can be saved for further analysis. To achieve this objective, the detection equipment was established for detecting the end gap and the light leakage, and corresponding software was developed based on Labview. The experiment was carried out and the detection performance of the system was evaluated. The result shows that the proposed system has a good accuracy for detecting the piston ring.


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Hu, W. (2023). A visual inspection system for detecting end gap and light leakage of the piston ring. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management, 10(3), 158-161. https://doi.org/10.54097/jceim.v10i3.8770

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