The Level of Learning Interest and Sensory Integration Development of Children in Wushu Game Activities


  • Xifeng Li
  • Dr. Lorna Espeso



Children, Wushu, Wushu Games, Learning Interest, Sensory Integration Ability


Chinese martial arts have lasted for thousands of years and is an excellent cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, known as the "quintessence of China", "national treasure" and "national soul". To better inherit and carry forward this national spirit and culture, we should carry out the educational policy of "starting from an early age". According to the physiological and psychological characteristics of children, the author creates a set of theoretically effective games for children in accordance with the principles of scientific, educational and interesting, and then conducts experiments in kindergartens to let children contact and feel the charm of martial arts, and studies the influence of martial arts games on the development of children's interest in sports learning and sensory integration function. To verify whether there is a significant relationship between children's learning interest and sensory integration development in martial arts games. This has not only enriched the research on the cultivation of children's interest in sports learning and the development of children's sensory integration function, but also explored a new path to promote martial arts to kindergartens, which has certain theoretical and practical significance.


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