Research on Collaborative Evaluation of Offshore Wind Power Value Chain in Guangxi-Based on BWM-FVIKOR Model


  • Qiushuang Wei
  • Shuting Yang
  • Yunying Lu



Offshore Wind Power Value Chain, BWM, VIKOR, Evaluation


With the dynamic development of the offshore wind power industry and the global value chain, the traditional wind power industry is gradually turning to the offshore wind power value chain system that focuses on the value effect of the value chain, and it is of great significance to carry out value chain collaborative evaluation research. This paper puts forward the evaluation index system of Guangxi offshore wind power value chain from the comprehensive system dimension, key node dimension, subject contribution dimension and resource endowment dimension, builds the BWM-FVIKOR evaluation model, and proves the validity of the evaluation index and the feasibility of the evaluation model through example analysis, and this paper provides scientific and effective decision-making basis for the coordination of Guangxi offshore wind power value chain.


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